Are you on Facebook, Wechat, U.S. authorities to ask visitors soon

Picture Credit: By James R. Tourtellotte [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you have nothing to hide, you would gleefully list down all the social media accounts you have for the U.S. immigration officers.

This is because a new prerequisite to visit the United States will be to list down your social media histories and accounts.

These new rules will be unveiled this week and will be a requirement for most visitors or migrants to the U.S.

It is in accordance with one of President Trump’s key national security enhancements contained in his “extreme vetting” executive order.

Additionally, travellers would be required to provide previous phone numbers, email addresses and a history of international travel from the preceding five years.

It will also require migrants to disclose any immigration problems in the past, anywhere in the world.

Needless to say, it will be tougher for those who have family ties to terror suspects or known terrorists.

In the U.S., they call it a new upgrade which is overdue given the times we are living in.

But there will be a ‘comment period’ in which people will be able to say what they think of the new ruling before the government decides on the policies.

Its main aim is to tackle ‘terrorism’, said officials.

It will apply to almost everyone seeking entry because terrorism is a worldwide problem.

The aim is to try to weed out people with radical or dangerous views.

Besides the social media thingy, the new rules will apply to people practicing female genital mutilation and those who would be targeted under ‘birth tourism’.

It is a practice in which women visit the U.S. so that their child born on American soil is a U.S. citizen.