Gun control march caused a spike in Google searches for guns

Picture Credit: Video grab of gun control rally

Reports indicate that Google searches for people wanting to buy AR-15’s spiked shortly after Saturday’s gun control march.

Just hours after the nationwide protest ended, searches for “buy AR-15” hit their biggest peak since shortly after last month’s Parkland shooting, said Infowars.

Saturday’s gun control ‘March For Our Lives’ rally, where thousands of activists marched across America.

They signed up thousands of first-time voters pledging to eject lawmakers who oppose stricter firearms laws.

Voter registration advocates were out in force as hundreds of thousands of people took part in more than 800 March for Our Lives rallies held across the US on Saturday.

Organisers of the drive were aiming to sign up 25,000 young voters in favour of tougher gun control laws.

The Independent UK said participation in US elections by young voters is often low.

Registration activists are targeting the four million Americans turning 18 this year, as well as those aged 19 to 21 who have never voted before, said the British paper.