How Putin is making Russia great again!

Picture Credit: Video snap shot of Putin

While the world is fussing about Vladimir Putin still in power, in Russia, the new Tsar is ruling with absolute authority.

Such a state of affairs would not be tolerated in countries where the West has some sort of influence.

The western forces, aided by Arab countries, triggered the fall of some of the longest-serving Arab leaders using the Arab Spring as the platform for change.

This led to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the killing of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and the removal of the Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

But in Russia, Putin is virtually unopposed while the western powers have no real clout.

There is also the fact that Russia is not Arabia and it is not the same weakened Russia that was under Boris Yeltsin, the man the western powers catapulted to power.

This Russia is gone, and today we have a powerful Russian nation playing its cards in the regional and international arena.

Time Magazine has an interesting theory on how Putin will rule for a long time in Russia.

It said that from the moment of re-election, Putin will start devising a complicated scheme of ruling the country in the future.

“Perhaps that means finding a loophole in the constitution, or changing it, or building a new structure of the state. All sources speaking to TIME from Putin’s inner circle are certain—at least for now—that Putin will somehow remain in power.

“The ruling bureaucracy understands this means an era of turbulence is coming. The question—as the outspoken minister put it—is what this means for the rest of us.”

The obsession with Putin ruling with might in Russia is another topic of interest to the Western media.

Time recounted how Putin yielded influence over Dmitry Medvedev – who was then President – exercising control from behind the scenes.

“But the experience rankled him—he was particularly annoyed by how Medvedev reacted to the Arab Spring protests in 2011.”

The Russians were duped by the French – so we are told by many sources – in the UN’s vote on Libya.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy apparently wooed Medvedev into believing the Europeans will not bomb Libya if the vote went through the security council.

The contrary happened.

Overall, it is not Medvedev who should be blamed. It is the then French President who played a lie to the Russians.

Nevertheless, the Western world is still sleepless on how Putin, then back to the Kremlin as the most powerful man in Russia, grabbed Crimea from Ukraine.

It is still impossible for them to fathom how such a feat could be possible under the nose of Nato and of the U.S.A.

However, Putin’s deeds were to save Russia from a major regional threat and breaking-up Ukraine by taking what actually belonged to Russia was the next move.

Why did Crimea belong to Russia, the West is still asking? This is factual. Crimea is majority Russian, they speak Russian and they have a long history with Russia while the West was encamped in its cold war with the Soviet Union.

Putin actually saved the world a brief but bloody military intervention to grab Crimea. For Russia, taking Crimea was a must. And Putin did it.

This made Russia great again.



  1. resent3.

    You wrote something good to have sheeples Sporean to read real news instead of Western fake msm news.

    But you missed many points obviously, and never correctly mention what Putin did to make Russia great, why great.

    1. In blood for oil, Iraq Saddam Hussein was murdered, with million of Iraqis massacred as collateral damage, cited by Mother of all murderers Albright, Secretary of US.

    2. Ukraine Maidan riots that overthrown its democratic elected President was a CIA job, with Nuland(US NSA) openly said, its a $5B job to take Russia closest neighbour & its warm water Silvestapol deep water port in Crimea. So Russia had to took back Crimea, which was given to Ukraine by Stalin. There is no bloody war bcos Russian navy is always there, Crimea people are mostly Russians, so a over 90% referendum rate.

    3. Russia was utterly damaged by West prescribed disastrous economic policies to pillage all its vast resources, by privatizing state enterprises to oligarchs. Russians lived in misery, lowest life span & living standard worst than in Soviet time. it’s military become dilapidated, technology was taken by US.

    After Putin 20yrs ruling, today Russia GDP per capital is of high income, life span increase to normal, economy growing healthily, high foreign reserved, world highest gold reserve, paid all Soviet era debt, low foreign debt.

    From big food importer, after been sanction by West, Russia turn around to become the world largest wheat & grain exporter. Putin banned all GMO food & seeds.

    Military has become the world best, Syria war is the show case how Rusdia war machines are superior to US junks that only look good but full with bugs by its corrupted military & Mmanufacturer.

    Its government is now stacked with world best technocrats. Its central bank chief was awarded the best world banker. Its FM is eloquent & impressively skillful. They perform like statesmen, unlike the US, UK & EU full of clowns.

    And Russians don’t promote LBGT crazily like West, as Putin said, even animal knows how to find opposite sex mating partner.

    And no absurd import of migrants & rapefugees, ME & Africa Muslims terrorists like the West, that will make their countries a shithole and muslimized.

    Will Pres Putin change Constitution to remain Pres forever? You must be foolish to think so, Putin said, do you think i will work until 100 yrs old? Just like China Pres Xi, they worked for their country like a mission, a responsibility, when someone can takeover, they will be happy to retire.

    By end of their nd term, both will be over 70 yrs old. They got plenty of wealth and perks given by country to enjoy their remaining last tens years.