Singapore ranked world’s most expensive city for 5th year in a row as ranking on UN happiness index drops


Singapore has been ranked the world’s most expensive city in the latest Worldwide Cost of Living Report for the 5th consecutive time. The report, by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), tied Paris, France and Zurich, Switzerland in second place while Hong Kong and Seoul, South Korea took fourth and sixth place respectively.

Tokyo, Japan was notably absent in the list. Tokyo was the last city to take the top spot in 2013 until Singapore beat it out of the water.

The results by the EIU come as Singapore’s ranking in the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s happiness index has been plummeting, year after year.

This year, the World Happiness Report has ranked Singapore in the 34th place. Singapore was ranked in the 26th place last year and was ranked 22nd spot in 2016. This means that Singapore has dropped 12 notches since 2016.

Elsewhere in Asia, Taiwan came in at 26th place, topping Singapore. Malaysia came right after Singapore, at the 35th spot while Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar came in at the 46th, 71st, 95th, 96th and the 130th spots respectively.

The annual UN happiness index ranks 156 territories according to categories like GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, social freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption.


  1. wondering does prata minister knows roti prata now cost s$1.20 a piece and mai hum knows mee siam is s$3.50. prices escalated after water price gone up 30%. somemore want to complain public transport fare too low, want to increase gst to 9%. last straw on our back, cannot tahan already

  2. Yes, it is correct, very accurate, the headline said it. Sinkapoor has also the most expensive employed President,, PM, DPMs, Ministars, Snr Mins, Mins of states, Perm secs, etc, etc,( and countless) in the WORLD, but her citizens (the lower ends still struggling picking up rubbish to sell). We know that they pay themselves rocket high salaries, so that they wont get corrupted. It’s a pity and sad. The rich can migrate but the poor got no money to even buy a plane ticket.