UK-Canada-Australia-N. Zealand union to counter Trump’s fair trade


CANZUK International’s online petition, advocating free movement of citizens between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, has received over 225,000 signatures (and is continuing to rise).

While it is an advocacy group promoting free movement, and free trade and cooperation between the four countries, it runs counter to U.S. President Donald Trump’s fair trade policies.

Dr Andrew Lilico, Executive Director and Principal of Europe Economics put it bluntly: The post-Cold-War alliances and assumptions are obsolete. NAFTA is dead. The EU will soon lose one of its largest members. CANZUK is the global deal of tomorrow

CANZUK means Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

According to James Skinner, chief executive of CANZUK International, the organization’s proposals can be broken down into three key areas: freedom of movement, free trade and foreign policy co-operation.

“We would like to see a common free-trade agreement negotiated between these countries,” Skinner explained. “We now think it’s a great time for that to happen seeing as the U.K. is leaving the European Union as of next year.”

Trump’s denunciation of free trade has shattered global trade stability, raising fears of a backlash against the U.S.
It has also sent the rest of the world scrambling to find ways to counter the protectionist policies that were thought to be of the past.
CANZUK said the petition is one of the most viewed petitions of all time on, as thousands of people have signed and shared online.
“This demonstrates huge support for our proposals and promoting the campaign as one of the fastest growing issues within international politics.”


  1. Resent1.

    This is a joke. These 4 countries UK, Canada, Aust, NZ together with US are the blood kins of blood thirsty Anglosaxon imperialist.

    They are together the 5eyes Spynet that spied on the whole world using their global networks, the true axis of Anglos-evils. For last two centuries they have been conducting espionage, subversion, regime change, riots, religions conflict, financial raid, endless illegal wars & massacre of innocents to colonize or enslave the world. They themselves are also a colonial countries by Anglos.

    Now their imperialist deep states are opposing the US people elected President Trumps that they hated for not following the old ways of pillaging the world as a peck of Western wolves, so they are dishing out all kinds of propaganda in humanity & fair free trade.

    Trumps only care about his ownself & make US Great in expense of US allies, so these hypocrite West are holding their fists high up now. But since when you have seen these same people protest for other countries they have invaded and pillaged?